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Safe Electrical Installations

All the material we use is of the highest quality and meets all CSA standards applicable to the Electrical Code. It is our duty to ensure maximum safety of our employees and of the client company staff.


Therefore, each work team inspects:

  • the strength of their installation

  • the degree of fire resistance

  • the insulation of live parts

  • the space for setting cables and connections

  • the effects of heat under normal and abnormal conditions

  • the effects of arcing

  • ground faults

  • any aspect that may affect safe usage


The customer also receives all relevant information about the features of the installation, their maintenance and use.

Your Profitability in Mind

We know your timeline is important. Equipment installation or modification is an investment that needs to become profitable as soon as possible.

Our team’s expertise and skill will ensure high quality work delivered on time: respect for deadlines is a top priority at C. Frappier Électrique Inc.

C. Frappier Électrique Inc. is part of ACQ Select, one of the best mutuals in Québec, with whom we’ve partnered to promote occupational health and safety prevention and training.

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